Experience an event from the inside, get involved in setting it up and seeing it through, and work as part of a team.
Volunteers – the 39 Août Festival needs you, your skills and your enthusiasm!
Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page where you’ll find out how to help with this unique event in a unique setting!

NB: the minimum age for registration is 18.

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What jobs are available ?

Litter pickers, movers, packers, decoration and signage, carpentry and “all-rounders”, plumbers, electricians, volunteer welcome staff, catering management (kitchen service), runners, roadies, spectator welcome staff, VIP area welcome staff, green room welcome staff, composting toilet management, traffic routing, and more.

What other conditions are required to register ?

Be available throughout the period indicated to perform the role of your choice.
Be motivated and keen to have a unique experience.
Be committed to team work.
For some roles, knowledge of other languages (English in particular) is a plus!

When are volunteer confirmation letters sent out?

By 30 June 2019

What availability should volunteers be able to offer?

It isn’t possible to combine your job with volunteering at the Festival.
Working hours are long.
Please be aware that volunteering isn’t a holiday! But it is an opportunity to have a great adventure, both before and during the Festival…

How many hours do volunteers work?

During the setup period, the Festival organisation will comply as closely as possible with 8-hour working days.
During the Festival, hours vary based on the roles allocated.

Can volunteers watch the concerts?

Yes, outside their volunteer hours; and depending on their roles and during breaks.

What benefits do volunteers get in return for their work?

An access pass to the site and concerts.
A T-shirt in Festival colours.
Free meals and drinks while volunteering.

What about accommodation?

Designated camping area for volunteers (it’s free!).

Are volunteers covered by insurance?

Yes, through the Festival organization.

Any other questions?

39aout@jura.fr / +33 (0)3 84 87 33 08